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Hike Essex Group

Phone: 01245 328185

Hike Essex is the number 1 walking group in Essex for people aged 20-40. Meet new people: Why walk alone? With Hike Essex, you'll encounter a diverse range of keen and occasional walkers. Explore the hidden beauty of Essex with like-minded individuals. Get fit: Walking is good for you! No matter your level of ability, we have a walk for you. Short strolls to get you started, or longer hikes to really stretch those legs! Have fun: Hike Essex isn't just about the walking. Get together with us at one of our social events. There's a variety on offer, ranging from pub nights, comedy clubs, museum visits, and many more! Interested? Check out our programme, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To get regular updates on Hike Essex activities, send us an email and we'll add you to our mailing list and keep you posted on forthcoming events.

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